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“Real Estate Web Apps took the time to learn about my business and paid attention to the details that allowed me to add more modules to my website as my business increased. Real Estate Web Apps was right there to quickly accommodate the requests to add more information on my website that my clients were asking for. Also, to nudge me to try new technology to drive traffic to my website, like writing a blog, something I was not comfortable with at first. The team at Real Estate Web Apps shares a big part of the success of my business, and they truly care about how well I am doing and keep me in touch with their area of expertise so I can focus on selling real estate.”

Kathleen Mazzocco


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As a real estate Broker or Agent, you know in order to stay competitive and reach broader markets, you need a web presence that is up to date with the latest technology & design, as well as  an Internet Marketing Strategy that’s dynamic , aggressive and results oriented to make sure you stay ahead of the pack and capture leads!

Today, your web presence  needs to be optimized for Lead Generation, Client Capture and High Conversion Rates; not on being “pretty” and “cool” looking .  It needs focused “Call-To-Actions” that drive your prospect to become a lead and ultimately a long term client .  Your clients aren’t interested in swirling clouds, music they can’t turn off or flash animation that they can’t see on their iPad.  They want to see properties…  They want to know what you’ve done and what you’re going to do… and they really want it now!

Real Estate Web Apps is here to help take you to the next level.  Our highly trained web design and internet marketing professionals are here to consult with you and ultimately develop an online strategy that works for you. Our success is your success and visa versa!

From the latest technological advancements in web development, to complete marketing focused designs, to an aggressive, highly effective internet marketing strategy, Real Estate Web Apps is poised to be your web presence partner to achieve business success!  Click here for a Free Consultation

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